By a Thread

By a Thread - Jennifer Estep My rediscovery of this series has been on a mostly uphill road for a while now, so it was inevitable that one of the books would disappoint me, and crash the high, which this one has done. It is a transition book, that is very clear, and it does tie up an old thread from the first five books, but something felt lacking in this story for me.

It was interesting to see how low Gin got brought down to before she was able to claw her way out of the mess. I also liked a lot of the choices she made in her dealings with those in her circle, as it felt like those decisions needed to be made before the larger story arcs could proceed. However, I wonder what point was trying to be made here, and it did feel like one was being made.

The action kept moving quickly and was interesting to follow. All in all, it wasn't a bad installment in the series, but it wasn't my favorite either.