The Goblin King

The Goblin King - Shona Husk This book is pretty difficult for me to review. I bought this book because it reminded me so much of the movie Labyrinth, but I know from participating in a Q&A with the author that the movie wasn't her inspiration for the series. Bearing that in mind, I set out to read it and hopefully enjoy the spin on a familiar and well loved children's movie of mine. This book really dragged in spots for me, as if she was padding out a longer length novella. The interactions between Roan and Eliza felt forced to me, as if they were two characters that hated each other more than the protector and savior that they were to one another, even with knowing the past history that the two shared, as shown in [b:The Summons|12159562|The Summons (Shadowlands, #0.5)|Shona Husk||17130563]. The excerpt of the next book in the series didn't spark my interest much either, so I'm left wondering if I should continue the series or not. All in all, this was a gloomy, 2.5 star read for me that didn't merit rounding up to a 3 star read, that left me wanting a much lighter and happier book for my next read.