Storm Born

Storm Born  - Richelle Mead When I first joined GoodReads, I got into a discussion with another lady about urban fantasy and when she found out I hadn't read much of it, she gifted me this book for my Kindle. She did warn me that there were some objectionable subjects in this story, and when I read it the first time I remember not liking the plot thread then. Now, three years later, I go back to re-read and write a review of this book.

What Storm Born has going for it is exceptional world building, especially when referencing the Otherworld. The rest of the book, however, does not live up to this standard. The plot references raping the heroine, not once, but multiple times. It seems as though the entire Otherworld is bent on doing so, but it really doesn't seem to phase our heroine in the slightest, which is why I began to dislike the character. She never had a typical reaction to anything that happened to her! She also contradicted herself multiple times, and her basic response when called on it was to shrug and say ""Its the way I am, deal with it!"" Her ""heroes"", and I do use that term very loosely, only wanted to be with her to further their own agendas, especially if it meant, in one case, the procurement of more power. I found myself seeing her in the light that she had very little worth, save for what she brought to others, as if she herself thought that of herself. It was at odds with the modern setting.

I found this to be a very boring book overall, and lack of a connection to the main characters made it difficult to stay engrossed in this book. I don't think I'll be continuing on with the series.