Poison Promise (Elemental Assassin #11)

Poison Promise - Jennifer Estep
Another action packed installment in the Gin Blanco universe, and yet it felt to me like an old, tired friend limping in.

The cast of characters is much the same, save for Bria, who acts like a sanctimonious bitch the entire book. I really hated her for that. It re-introduces one of the staff of the Pork Pit and introduces us to her world in the heart of Southtown, which is not a good place to live, and yet that world draws her right back in. We're also given a new member of Gin's inner circle: Silvio, who has ties to the drug dealer in control of Southtown and Gin's staff member. This boook also sets up the newest big baddies in the story line, which was a bit of a shock at the end, and introduces an elemental offshoot that hadn't been mentioned before now and I am extremely eager to see where that goes!

The thing that got me the worst was that Gin actually outed herself as The Spider! She just painted a huge target on everyone she cares for! I don't think it was a good move on the author's part.

The action was much the same as other stories, and while it was entertaining to read, I didn't like the repetitiveness of it all. I hope that the new big baddies will refresh things a good bit in the next books.