Born of Defiance (The League, Nemesis Rising #9)

Born of Defiance - Sherrilyn Kenyon

I started this before bed, and I couldn't put it down for the rest of the next day! I thought that it's really good overall, but a bit confusing, as I couldn't figure out who Talyn was supposed to be in relation to the larger canvas of characters for this series. We're eventually told who he is, but it kept nagging at me that we'd never heard of this character in previous books, as we had with others in the series. It also does a little reset of the universe as it goes back in time to prior to the events of Born of Night. Even then, those events are only mentioned in passing.

Talyn was a wonderful hero! Everyone expected him to be affected by the cruelties that had been heaped upon him, and were shocked when he was still a kind and decent being! I loved that side of him, and it really made him stand out among the heroes of this series.

We learn a lot about Andarion culture in this story, and not all of it good. It really hampered the relationship between Talyn and Felicia, and felt a bit like it was contrived conflict. I respected Felicia for wanting to stand with Talyn though, despite the laws against them!

This was a very interesting and engaging story to me! It really is not a stand alone story, so I definitely recommend reading the proceeding books. If it wasn't for all the confusion regarding Talyn himself, I'd give it 5 stars easily!