Prodigy (Legend #2)

Prodigy - Marie Lu

It's official: I am abandoning this series. The prequel book was ok, the actual first book stunk, and this one was worse! When it takes me 6 days to read a book, and I finish two others in the middle of it and start a third at the same time, I know it is a bad book!

Day being torn between Tess and June was moronic, in my opinion. Why twist the brother/sister vibe they had going into a half-baked romance, just for tension? Granted, it opened up the June flip side to that coin, but it still didn't go anywhere by the end of the book.

On the flip side, we have June being torn between Day and Anden, the Elector's son who suddenly becomes Elector himself. Thing of it is, Anden needs June, and she knows it. It sets up a very legitimate crisis, one that would have been more interesting if June knew all the facts about Day, and if Day hadn't been whining so much throughout the entire book.

My daughter seems to enjoy the series, but I really am not seeing the appeal.