Only in my Dreams (Ribbon Ridge #1)

Only In My Dreams (Ribbon Ridge) - Darcy Burke

I was actually very impressed with this book! It picked up shortly after the events of Where The Heart Is, and does assume that you have read that book prior to reading this one.

Sara is the focus of this story, and I really liked her as a heroine! I found her to be very unique, especially since she has Sensory Processing Disorder. There was so much I learned about the disorder from reading about her! I especially liked how she handled her family trying to be overprotective of her because of the illness.

Dylan was a jerk a good bit of the time about being in a relationship. I liked how clueless he was up until the end when he realized that he loved Sara. I loved his big romantic gesture to get her back!

For me, this was a great read! I was shocked at the turn of events at the beginning of the book, and Dylan's jerkitude for most of the story cost it a star. When I turned the final page, I wanted to immediately start the next book, so it shows the mark of a great book!