Love Finds You on Christmas Morning (Love Finds You Series)

Love Finds You On Christmas Morning - Debby Mayne, Trish Perry

This book continues the Love Finds You tradition of having two Christmas short stories in one book that are in some way connected to one another. Typically, it is one story set in the past and one story set in the present. This book uses the vehicle of a familial home to link the stories of past and present.

In "Deck the Halls", we have the classic story of Rich Guy/Poor Girl. It was a good story, but the Pickard's constant harping on William's financial and social status made it very difficult to completely enjoy the story. The faith aspect of the story was quite strong in this offering.

" 'Tis the Season" was also a good story, but lies of omission dragged it down, negating the faith aspect of the story as well. The dogs were a nice meet-cute for the people as well, but Nikki was a cold fish for much of the book as well.

All things considered, it was a good read, but not one I'd keep in my Kindle Library.