True Valor (Uncommon Heroes #2)

True Valor - Dee Henderson

This is the second time I've attempted to read this book, and I think it will be my last attempt at this series. The story didn't have much action and wasn't very interesting to me.

I think that the most annoying thing was that these felt like stock characters that could be in any Inspirational Romance novel. Bruce and Grace are the same old talented, romantic, God-fearing people that I feel I've read about before. It felt like their cute little exchanges were very close to others the author has written. I couldn't get interested in the military conflicts of the story because they were very obviously dated and mostly made up.

I did appreciate the letting love grow over months element. The love letters written while on deployment added a new facet to the story, but they also got repetitive. There were too many letters between the main characters because they were hardly together in person. On top of that, the "love letters" had no depth, feeling flat and impersonal. I also couldn't believe that Grace kept putting her Navy Jet Pilot Career ahead of love.

This just wasn't a good read for me, though I had really high hopes for it.