Yours to Hold (Ribbon Ridge #2)

Yours to Hold: Ribbon Ridge Book Two - Darcy Burke

The second installment of the Ribbon Ridge series came across as both realistic and not. It was interesting to see how the couples we had already been introduced to had progressed in their lives and with the project that had been left to them.

Kyle is a very relateable hero, one struggling to beat addiction. However, his methods to do so seemed destined to fail, especially since he winds up falling into the same pattern that got him into trouble in the first place.

Maggie came across as totally unrealistic! How could she keep being a therapist, when she herself was in therapy?! She also had a lot of unresolved issues with her parents and an ex that wound up stalking her that didn't feel resolved or even necessary by the end of the book.

Their relationship was one where one of them always ended up always propping up the other somehow, which was not exactly healthy. They did make attempts to resolve some of their issues, but the ending was too abrupt for complete resolution.

I did like how Kyle wound up coming clean about what drove him from Ribbon Ridge in the first place and how it helped to change his dynamic with his family and friends. All things considered, it was a good installment to the series, but one I'm not sure is realistic.