Restless - Paris Hansen

I was excited to get to read this book, but I wound up being disappointed in it. It was a bit of a short read, so I was able to read it in a little over 4 hours. I liked it, don't get me wrong, but I felt that it was a bit off. There was a lot of description, almost too much so for me, so it left little for me to imagine in my head, as I do when I read any other book.

Gabriel and Savannah were career driven characters, and I loved how they both had to make room and time for love. However, we're told a lot of their character quirks, not shown them. Likewise, we're told much of the hows and whys they have the relationships with others that they do, so we never get to see those in action. I was seeing very little interaction between the characters, as if they were just there for a scene with a little bit of dialogue before going on to the next description of what was happening. One thing I really enjoyed was that we knew just how much time was passing as they went through the phases of their relationship!

I admire the dedication and bravery it took to publish a book, but this just wasn't a great fit for me. I wanted the characters, all of them, to spend more time interacting with one another and not so much being left in their own worlds and the reader be given descriptive updates about them. Perhaps future books will be better!