Treasured By Thursday (The Weekday Brides Series #7)

Treasured by Thursday (Weekday Brides Series Book 7) - Catherine Bybee

I really wasn't looking forward to reading this book because the series has been really going downhill for me for a while now, but I felt like I really had to finish the series. Sadly, I'm really wishing I had stopped the pain a while ago!

I wasn't a big Gabriella fan from the previous book, because I felt she was a stupid airhead, and she didn't improve in this book! She makes a lot of decisions that were totally out of character for herself, which causes everyone that cares about her to be concerned, but can she care about that? Heck, no! I had no sympathy or empathy for her after that, especially in light of the fact that she got betrayed and almost killed in the previous book.

However, the book didn't work for me not just because of the fact that I had no sympathy or empathy towards Gabriella, but also because the hero, Hunter, is a complete asshole. He blackmails Gabriella into marriage and doesn't care that she's obviously uncomfortable in his presence. He pushes until he gets what he wants. It only made me angry to read about them, especially because I know they'll fall in love and everything Hunter did will be forgiven and forgotten. Essentially, their whole relationship felt phony and forced to me. This is not the kind of romance I like reading about, and after how far downhill the series has gone for me, I doubt I'll take another chance on the author's works.