Destined for an Early Grave (Night Huntress #4)

Destined for an Early Grave  - Jeaniene Frost

I've been trying to read these on a monthly basis as a buddy read with a couple of other members of one of the groups I'm in, and I'm almost wishing I had skipped it this month. I really didn't like it at all! The previous book was less than stellar for me too, and the series is becoming a major disappointment!

Destined is full of angst and twists that I felt were largely unnecessary. Why couldn't Cat just sit down and have a good long talk with Bones and Mencheres, then have them present as she dealt with Gregor? Why the hiding? Of course, them keeping secrets isn't the greatest thing either, but seriously! Not to mention, Cat's still running to her Uncle to solve problems instead of dealing with them herself. Don't even get me started on the twist with Cat's mom! Why did that even have to happen?!?

The events felt really strung along, and it was constantly on the move, as if to disguise the fact that there really wasn't a lot of plot in it. For me, it's a 1.5 star read, rather than a 1 star read, because it was a quick read and there were some interesting developments over all.