Enclave (Razorland #1)

Enclave - Ann Aguirre

After reading Foundation, I was so excited to read this book, and yet frustrated at the fact that I wasn't able to schedule it right away. However, when I finally get down to it, it wasn't worth the wait.

The book follows two new heroes, Fade and Deuce, as they try to survive in a dystopian world that no one is quite sure how got created. Normal humans now live underground in enclaves, where they take on one of three roles: Hunter, Builder, or Breeder. There are also elders in each enclave that basically enforce the rules and determine what is significant to their culture. Problem is, most of what the elders tell folks is a lie, and they frame "citizens" of the enclave from time to time to remind everyone of the consequences of breaking their rules.

The premise is interesting, and yet I'm wishing I hadn't read Foundation first, as it lead me to being confused when reading this one. Fade is very mysterious, and only some of his mystery is revealed/solved. Deuce is a very strong heroine, but has to rely a lot on Fade when she decides to protect a friend and is forced to leave the enclave because of it.

I often struggled while reading this, often wanting to quit it entirely. I was also frustrated that the book ended and I was only 66% complete with it. The rest of the book was excerpts, which left me feeling like I overpaid for the book. I'll likely continue with the series, but it won't be a high priority for me.