Golden Bride (Mail Order Bride)

Mail Order Bride: Golden Bride (Clean and Inspirational Western Historical Romance Book) (Women's Fiction New Adult Wedding Frontier) - Angela K. West

This book was an extremely short and clean romance, however, when it comes right down to recommending it to others, I can't do that.

Tyler and Antoinette are at odds for most of the story, mainly because Tyler is still hung up on his dead fiancé and didn't request Antoinette for himself when she sets herself up as a Mail Order Bride. Antoinette herself came across as totally unrealistic for the time period, as she defied her father without repercussion, then reduced herself to menial chores that no well to do lady of her time would know how to do without having to be taught how to do them. In the space of one Indian attack, they find themselves totally in love and willing to proceed into matrimony. Sorry, just didn't ring true to me!

The second story was better, but was also plagued with uncharacteristic behaviors for the time period. This story does introduce a paranormal element, in the form of ghosts, but after finishing the story, I went "eh, whatever" which says to me that I didn't care about the characters or the story that much.

Thankfully, it was a free read, and an easy way to pass a Saturday evening, but in the end I wanted a lot more story than what I got out of this book.