Talk Me Down (Tumble Creek #1)

Talk Me Down - Victoria Dahl

I'd never read this author before, and now I'm not really sure I want to read more of her books! When I finished this book, I had a vague feeling of disgust when I closed my Kindle on it.

Molly came across as a shallow, silly idiot. She kept entirely too many secrets for my taste about her career and it made me think she was ashamed of it. She clearly had issues regarding her parents and her ex, but she also seemed to have personal boundary issues as well!

Ben wasn't much better, wanting to be completely free of scandal, due to having been on the fringes of one when his father was caught in a scandal. However, he wound up not being able to live life to the fullest because he was so goody two shoes and uptight.

I kept having to set this one aside and I really wanted to quit it a few times. I doubt I'll continue with the series.