Hoping for Love (The McCarthys of Gansett Island #5)

Hoping for Love - Marie Force

This was a good book, don't get me wrong, but I couldn't understand some of Grace's issues, which dulled my appreciation somewhat. It also ended too abruptly for my tastes.

Grace was fairly easy to identify with overall, but I couldn't understand why she was so secretive about the Lap-Band surgery. It almost seemed to me as if she was ashamed of having the surgery! I appreciated that she was a novice when it came to dating, as it made for a unique story.

Evan wasn't quite as confident as his siblings when it came to love, but the reasons for that were never fully explained. In fact, we didn't get too much depth on Evan at all! He kept fighting against being in love, then all of a sudden, he's totally committed to being in love with Grace, and she feels the same way. Just didn't feel believable to me.

That being said, the book was entertaining, and I'm eager to read the next book in the series!