Reality Hero

Reality Hero - Ashlynn Monroe

When I first saw this book, I was so excited about it after reading the blurb, but it was months before I was able to afford to purchase it. Thank goodness for sales, right? However, when I finally got settled in to read it, I found myself extremely disappointed in it overall, even though it was a halfway entertaining read.

Dina came off as selfish for a good bit of the book, even though we as the reader knew that she had an ulterior motive for her actions. I finally got to the point with her where I expected her to develop superpowers randomly, as it would have made things more interesting! Zane didn't come off as the superhero type really, more of an anti-hero that has been forced into the role of hero. Dina's sister was a complete bitch, and I couldn't get why she wasn't wondering why her sister was avoiding them. Rain just accepted it, which didn't set well with me.

The experimentation plot wasn't well explained, and while it is clear that the author was setting up for other books in the series, I wasn't all that excited for them either. The book was entertaining, and quick to read, which saved it from a two star rating, but I'm not sure I'd re-read this or even continue the series. Looking for good superhero romance? Check out Jennifer Estep's Bigtime series and take a pass on this one.