By Your Side (Crisis Team #1)

By Your Side - Candace Calvert

To say that I am disappointed with this book is an understatement. It doesn't usually take me very long to get through a Candace Calvert novel, but this one really dragged and I had a hard time wanting to read it.

Macy was not a likable heroine. I understood from the get go that she had trust issues, but I felt she used it as an excuse to remain alone in her life, even shying away from the faith she had been taught. I didn't see her "fall" in love with Fletcher, it just felt like it was a sudden "Oh, I'm in love!" only because she had been assaulted and he injured.

Fletcher, likewise, was not likable. He was too heroic, too "I'm strong enough to fix everything in the lives of the people I care about", which was a set up for showing him that he needed to rely on God more. Thing is, it was a repetitive theme that didn't get resolved until the end of the book, and I got sick of being beaten over the head with how much he was a "strong guy".

For it being a book on faith, I felt that God really took a back seat in this story. He didn't seem like a prominent focus in either Macy's or Fletcher's lives, and yet the supporting characters seemed a lot more trusting in God than they were. In the end, they have their major coming to God moment, but it seemed a long time coming.

The tension was pretty ramped up in this book, featuring a freeway sniper, which mirrors some headlines of late. The situation felt believable and real, which really saved this book from a one star rating.

I'll continue with the series, because I've enjoyed the author's work in the past, but, for me, this was a dud of a read.