Love Finds You in Branson, Missouri (Love Finds You Series)

Love Finds You in Branson, Missouri - Gwen Ford Faulkenberry

I have enjoyed a good bit of the Love Finds You series, and was totally bummed out when I found out that they decided to discontinue them. I made it a mission to read all of the series, and hopefully owning the ones I really enjoyed. I started purchasing them when they came on sale, without having read them beforehand, simply because I knew the price would go up the rarer they became. This is one I'm really wishing I had read before purchasing.

I thought much of the plot was way too coincidental. Ellie gets a job in Branson, yet it seems that her grandfather has anticipated this and has somehow has bought, furnished and gifted Ellie with a luxury condo on the lake. Complete with everything her little heart desires except groceries, but that's covered in a lovely note from “Opa”, giving her $1000 for groceries. That's totally unrealistic! For me, that's like 3 months worth of groceries!

In addition, I couldn’t connect with these characters at all. Ellie was very whiny about her situation and seemed to want to be handed everything, rather than actually work for it. She was uninspired, shopping and eating at chain stores, rather than think for herself and create a unique style and food preference. Will felt like a very bland hero, and I just didn't care if he got the girl or not.

I thought that this book had a lot of telling the reader about everything, rather than showing them, which made the book not very engaging, and largely uninteresting. I didn't feel like I was seeing the real Branson in this story, like I felt I had with some of the other locations visited in the Love Finds You books and I was greatly disappointed overall.