Dark Road Home (Maplecreek #1)

Dark Road Home - Karen Harper

The book started off good and had a lot of potential, but by the end of things it had fallen to a 1.5 star rating. It caught my attention, and it had a good plot, but somewhere along the way something went wrong.  I felt that there was so much extra stuff that wasn't necessary, like too many characters, that the book started to feel too drawn out.  It was hard for me to connect to so many characters after a while!  While I was reading, I often skimmed through a good bit of the chapter, stopping only when I read something of interest to the Main Characters.  I remember thinking, what does this have to do with anything?  I wound up figuring out a lot of the plot before it was revealed. It seemed like this author made the Amish people sound like Yoda when they spoke with their verbs at the end of their sentence, which was difficult for me to agree with, as other authors who have spent time in Amish Country have not done this in their dialogue. In the end, the book had good potential but fell short of my expectations.  Thankfully, this was a library prize from the 2015 Summer Reading Contest, but I doubt I'll be continuing with the series or the author.