The Glass Magician (The Paper Magician Trilogy #2)

The Glass Magician - Charlie N. Holmberg

It took me several months to get to this read, partially because the blurb was so uninteresting.  When I do sit down to read the book, I found it to be much the same as the blurb!

The magical aspect was well done, don't get me wrong, but too easily shifted.  For all the build up that the book had about changing the bond, the way it wound up was anti-climactic.  In addition to this,I felt that Ceony acted rather stupidly for much of the book, almost to the point of being totally unrealistic, all in the name of Love.  That's not love, that's obsession!  Emery felt clueless to me for most of the book, only reacting to what Ceony did.   The ending was very abrupt and largely unsatisfying to me, as well.

I'm OCD enough to read the final book, but from the reviews I read, it will be a frustrating read!


Side note:  I've heard that Disney has optioned this series for film...not sure how I feel about this.  This story was very dark, dealing with topics that I would not feel comfortable letting my younger children watch, however, the first book was a bit lighter.  It will be interesting to see where they take this story, if they do end up making films out of it.