Heir of Fire (Throne of Glass #3)

Heir of Fire - Sarah J. Maas

This took me forever to read! I was so bored with the first half of it that I read several other books while reading this one and almost marked it DNF! Thankfully, I was buddy reading it with someone and that forced me to keep going, and once I got into part two, it became a gallop to the end of the book!

What bothered me so much about this story is that Celeana is nothing like she was in previous books. She was both consumed by grief and wallowing in it. Over the course of the book she has several revelations that show her how childish she is acting. Those revelations really begin to sink in toward into the second half of the book, and you can see her growing into the role she was meant to be in.

Another problem I had was that there were a lot of story threads to follow! It got rather confusing at times, and jarring as well. Some were more interesting than others, but all contributed to the saga as a whole.

The second half is what earned the rating I've given it, the first half I'd rate 1.5 stars at best. With the note the book ended on, I'll continue the series, and hope that the next book is better!