Fatal Frenzy (Fatal #9)

Fatal Frenzy (The Fatal Series Book 9) - Marie Force

This story started out as a "poor pitiful Sam" story, a little understandable after the events of the previous book, however, this one took it just a little too far.  Sam seemed a shell of herself, and it wasn't believable at all.  She'd been tough as nails up until this point, and had faced life and death before, and yet we're to believe a little razor wire, a gun, and some fire are going to spook her?  Nah, didn't ring true.  Nick's concern in this situation was believable, but again took things a bit too far.  I did like the wrapping up of some plot threads in this book, but the suspense story seemed to take a backseat to the emotional issues.  It was good, but could have been better for me.