Fully Ignited (Boston Fire #3)

Fully Ignited (Boston Fire) - Shannon Stacey

This is the second time I've read the third book in a series by this author and hated it! It's more of a 1.5 star read for me, but since Goodreads can't do half star ratings yet, I rounded up because I actually made it through this one.

Jamie came across as very career oriented and career conscious. She was hard to relate to, because she put her career and the appearances surrounding it above everything else, even romance. She didn't want anything to upset that apple cart, so she allowed love to just walk out of her life. I hated her the most in this book.

Scott was not much better. He's supposed to be this alpha male firefighter, but he was such a wuss when it came to fighting to keep Jamie in his life. I also didn't understand why he wanted to settle down all of a sudden. It didn't make much sense, other than to say "Everyone else I know is doing it, so I guess I should too!". For me, it didn't ring true at all.

I think this will be the last time I take a chance on this author. I just haven't had good luck with her works.