Jinxed (Friends and Lovers Trilogy #1)

Jinxed - Beth Ciotta

I had hoped to really enjoy this book, but I was just disappointed with it. I really don't like insta-love situations, plus the character development felt forced and there was a lack of a major climax. The issues that came up weren't really issues and there was a genuine lack of consequences that just didn't make sense to me.

Afia is not a believable character, really. She is a good person, but she doesn't know anything about surviving in the world today. We are talking about someone who had access to pretty much everything she wanted all her life. Even with all that, the nice thing is she never whines about it. She has decided to be her own woman and she is trying hard to accomplish it. I admired that about her.

As for Jake, I would have liked this book a lot more if he had a better point of view. He was judgemental and prejudiced for too long. The guy gets angry how Afia's mother has been treating her all her life, but he is the first to do the same, as he calls her Jinx throughout the book, even though he sees it makes her sad.

It just wasn't a good fit for me, and I'm not really interested in continuing the series.