Wedding Cake and Big Mistakes (Adams Grove #3)

Wedding Cake and Big Mistakes - Nancy Naigle

This was a very boring read for me.  It was very slow in some places and yet other times it felt like it was so sped up that one was missing vital information.  It is the third book in the series, but I really think you need to read the first book very close to reading this one, in order to fully appreciate this one, as it references the first book's couple very heavily. I read the first book ages ago, and still felt very lost reading this book.

I found many of the characters to be very annoying, especially Carolanne, as she just had to agonize over every little thing.  Sometimes you just need to let all the angst in your life go!  I got tired of her letting every decision she made be influenced heavily by the 'terrible' childhood she had.  Not to mention how because of that oh-so-horrible childhood, she would NEVER marry.  Being the daughter of the town drunk and the embarrassment that causes is not the world ending thing that she made it out to be!  She was the worst of the lot, but I had a hard time forming a connection to any of the characters!

The story was very predictable and unbelievable at times as well.  The suspense was non-existent and the mystery easily solved.  It was a mostly clean romance, but just not a fulfilling one.  This was my second chance on the series, but I'm giving up on it.  It's not worth the boredom!