It's in His Touch (Red River Valley #2)

It's In His Touch (A Red River Valley Novel) - Shelly Alexander

This book felt like a quick read, when it really wasn't. It was mostly enjoyable, but I had a few problems with it that kept me from giving it 5 stars.

Angelique was WAY too defensive about her breast cancer! It seemed like she was using it to keep Blake away, but she also seemed to use it as an excuse to bury herself in work and not live a full life. However, I did like seeing her return to town, and how she helped save the town, but didn't want the credit.

Blake was pretty supportive throughout the book, but he let a lot of things become major mountains to overcome, when they started out as little molehills. I liked how he reacted to Sarge though, especially the "presents" he kept bringing Blake!

It was nice to see the characters from the previous book and see where they went from their ending. I also enjoyed the expanded palette of characters from the town that we got to see. All in all, this was an enjoyable read.