Always Watching (Elite Guardians #1)

Always Watching - Lynette Eason

So far, I've only read one series by this author, and I greatly enjoyed it, but this one seemed rushed. There was very little to base the caring feelings on that I saw!

Olivia was a very strong heroine, but her constant push/pull with Wade and his emotions got annoying. I get that she wanted to maintain professional distance, but she should have just given in to her emotions rather than continually pushing Wade away. It made the relationship part at the end of the book rather unbelievable.

Wade was a complete idiot! He couldn't accept that the stalker meant him harm, so he did stupid stuff that wound up causing more problems for his bodyguards! He fought against their help at every step of the way, and wound up getting kidnapped and nearly killed for his trouble!

The story felt rather unbelievable at times, but it was action packed and held my attention well. I'll likely continue on with the series.