The Pepper in the Gumbo (Men of Cane River #1)

The Pepper In The Gumbo: A Cane River Romance - Mary Jane Hathaway, Kathryn Frazier

I'm really rather torn by this story.  On one hand, it was a good clean romance story, filled with interesting characters and a rich and vibrant setting.  On the other hand, there was just something about the story that made it really drag for me.

Alice's approach was rather unique for me.  She abhorred technology, and yet could find practical uses for it in her business life.  She took that abhorrence a bit too far at times, which made her feel a little bit like a hypocrite.

Paul was an interesting hero.  His personal revelations were confusing at times, but I did enjoy how willing he was to help others with his fame and fortune.  His deception wore rather thin, even when he was trying to do the big reveal!

For a Christian romance, it wasn't preachy at all!  In fact, the religious aspect was very subdued!  The romance was the focus, and it didn't suffer from a lack of sexual contact.  It was interesting enough for me to want to continue the series, but it is definitely a rocky start!