Embattled Hearts (Lost and Found #1)

Embattled Hearts - J.M. Madden

After reading the prequel story, I was hoping that it would only get better from there. Sadly, this one didn't surpass that story, but I am still holding out hope that one eventually will!

John was a very closed off hero. He felt that his injuries made him undesirable, which was definitely untrue! I did enjoy his protective and jealous streaks, as they showed that he was just as capable as any man with the ability to walk. It also made him a more relateable hero.

Shannon was a good heroine, sweet, kind, and tough when she had to be. I liked how she was a mix of smart, with a few mistakes when it came to her protection. Her backstory was interesting, and I enjoyed seeing how she handled everything.

The suspense plot was a bit far fetched, but I didn't see who the villains were until the reveal, so that was well written. I will definitely check out other books in the series!