The Last Buccaneer

The Last Buccaneer - Lynn Erickson

This was a fun little time-travel book, that I remember reading years ago. Having dug it up to fit a pirate category for a challenge earlier this year, I finally sat down to read it.

It is kind of slow at first as we follow Tess Bonney on her adventure back in time, where she meets and falls in love with the notorious Black Richard Neville. The story really starts to pick up when Tess finally confesses her true identity and history to Richard. On the night of the historic hurricane that took the ship, Tess and Richard are washed overboard to emerge back in the twentieth century. Tess goes through a bit of a brain-dead phase where she withdraws into a depressive state, thinking Richard no longer cares for her, as surrounded as he is by all these new gadgets and opportunities. I believe it was supposed to add suspense, but it just annoyed me greatly. Richard, however, helps Tess's friends and brother find his lost ship, as the treasure on board is now worth a small fortune, making them all very rich individuals.

Even years ago, I thought this was just a good read, nothing special. Richard's attitude got a bit annoying at times, and Tess being brain-dead upon returning to the twentieth century didn't help it either. It was kinda good to revisit it though!