Vegas Vacation (Destination Desire #1)

Vegas Vacation (Destination Desire) - Crystal Jordan

I've been meaning to get to this one for a while, but it kept getting pushed off. With the announcement that Samhain Publishing is going under, I'm in a scramble to read a bunch of what I currently own that has been published by them, so I know if I want to pick up the series' or not. This book fell into the category of somewhat decent story, but not great.

Meg drove me crazy with all of her emotional hang ups! She was so afraid of being in a relationship that she just about lost the best thing to ever happen to her! However, despite my annoyance with her, I found myself liking the rest of her personality.

I loved Finn! He was very patient and understanding, yet called Meg on her crap when he needed to. He did have a slight stalkerish vibe at first, but I could understand why.

I enjoyed the secondary characters a good bit as well, and wanted to see how things worked out for them as well! All things considered, this was a decent read, but I'm more interested in seeing how the rest of the series pans out.