Warcraft: Durotan The Official Movie Prequel Novelization

Warcraft: Durotan: The Official Movie Prequel - Christie Golden

I wasn't expecting much from this story, but it wound up being an excellent addition to the lore! It tells the original history of the Frostwolf clan, but in doing so, it makes some of the things that you see in the Warlords of Draenor expansion of the game make sense. I was able to easily relate to the characters and their struggle for survival, and was even heartened to see the evidence of the coexistence between the Draenei and the Orcs of Draenor. My chief complaint is that some of the lore that I knew was only vaguely referred to or hinted at, and the book ends on a very abrupt note. All things considered, it was a great read, but one I wanted more out of.