Paradox (Knight's Rebels #1.5)

Paradox: A Knights Rebel MC Novella - River Savage

When I finished this story, I didn't know what to think of it, but I did know that I didn't like it! It is a very short "What If...?" scenario story that illustrates what would have happened if Nix hadn't taken over and cleaned up the club. It very much had a Sons of Anarchy vibe, from the stand point of The Mayans more so than Sam Cro. Most of the Knight's Rebels were A-holes, even Nix when he was trying to be protective. Kadence became a bit of a shrew, as did Holly. I wasn't that impressed with the characterization in this story, however, the ending did have a surprising twist before Nix "woke up"! All in all, I'm a bit sorry I read it, and while I likely will wind up re-reading the series from time to time, I have a feeling that I'll wind up skipping over this one in my re-reads!