Dying to Tell (Slaughter Creek #1)

Dying to Tell - Rita Herron

When I won a copy of Fear For Me a couple of years ago, it sparked off a major interest in romantic suspense novels. Hunting the Kindle store found be this series of books and from reading the blurb, I thought it would be right up my alley. However, it never seemed to fit into a challenge until a GR friend suggested a buddy read, which turned into a series buddy read fairly quickly. We read the prequel novella and I really enjoyed it, but this one fell very short of that mark!

The biggest pet peeve I had was that there wasn't much of a romance angle! Jake and Sadie are second chance lovers and they spend most of the book staying away from each other and only thinking of how they are still in love with the other one. It took them nearly 70% of the book to attempt to get closer together, and only because Sadie vulnerable from having been drugged in the Sanitarium! Then, after all of the events, they part ways and decide they can't be together before Jake suddenly does a complete turn around and decides he can't live without Sadie. The events of the book made this turn around not believable to me.

Another issue I had was that it seemed that the mystery was overtaking the entire plot. It was layers upon layers of deception, and I had a hard time really seeing the real reason behind it all. That could have been a good thing, but with the lack of a romance angle, it didn't work that well for me.

The story felt like it was being dragged out, as well! First, we have the sense that the two plot elements are unbalanced, and now the slow climb to the climax which was not so climactic. It did end on a bit of a cliff hanger, and I'm still interested in what ends up happening to Amelia, but I'm really hoping the series improves, as this feels like an author's first attempt at romantic suspense, when they are used to a different genre of romance!