Tangled in Tulle (Tulle and Tulips #1)

Tangled in Tulle - Nikki Duncan

I really had hoped to like this book, but instead, I found it to be a rip off of Nora Roberts' Bride Quartet series.  It also was exceedingly short, and there wasn't much background given on Lori's job with the private security firm.  We are left with more questions than answers on that score and a number of others, like why the hero wound up in a coma.  It just didn't make any sense and then the book ended very abruptly!  All this buildup about her marrying him and we don't even know if it happens or not!  I have a feeling that this particular plot point would be played out over the next several books, but I have no interest in continuing the series in order to find out.  At least I learned the lesson with just this book, rather than having spent the money on the entire series!