Star Wars: The Clone Wars (Star Wars Novelizations #2.5)

The Clone Wars - Karen Traviss

I had hoped to finish the book when I started it on July 7th, but it didn't grab my interest right away, so I set it aside and read a few other books instead. This is essentially the novelization of the animated movie prequel to The Clone Wars series. Since I've watched that numerous times with my son, I was already familiar with the plot and most of the characters. What this gave me was a more in depth look at that story. I learned quite a few things about the Hutts that I hadn't known before, as well as the thought processes of some of the characters. For example, I was able to crawl into Palpatine's head a bit and get an idea of what he was thinking while working with the Jedi. Boy, did that ever make him more evil in my opinion! We also get a closer look at the Clones themselves and what makes each of them unique among so much similarity. All in all, once it got going it was an interesting story to read.