Listen to Me (Fusion #1)

Listen to Me - Kristen Proby

I didn't care for this one at all!  This book was my first introduction to the author's writing and after this, I think I'll be avoiding her in the future.  The alternating point of view was distracting and confusing to me, and the time seemed to move super quickly, as if it was a few scenes then Bam! a month has passed.  In fact, this really felt like it was just a series of scenes strung together that spanned 2 months worth of time!

I didn't like Addison as a character.  Yeah, she has abandonment issues, but she was fairly harsh with Jake throughout the entire book.  She was fairly closed off and yet couldn't confront anyone when she really needed to, like her parents or Jake when he wanted to dump her.

Jake redeemed the book from a 1 star rating for me.  I didn't like the fact that he kept shouldering the blame for his friend's accident, but I liked how he seemed to grow up after that fact and got off the self-destructive wagon he was on.

The premise is interesting enough, but I really didn't feel a connection to the characters at all, and on reading the blurb for the next book after seeing the main characters for it in action in this one, I'm not interested in continuing the series.