The Crown (The Selection #5)

The Crown - Kiera Cass

After the debacle of the previous book of Eadlyn's Selection, I didn't hold much hope for this book, but I felt obligated to see the series done, having come so far with it already.  After reading this one, I am more convinced that Eadlyn's books should not have been written.

Yes, they did give us a huge look at Maxon and America's marriage, but Eadlyn went through her Selected way too quickly.  There was no drama, very little romance, nothing to say this wasn't more than an elaborate show.  Eadlyn did do quite a bit of growth in this book, which brought the rating up a bit.  Her end choice for Prince Consort was an interesting one, and one I hadn't expected.  

All in all, I found it to be a very dissatisfactory way to end the series.