Rapturous (Quantum #4)

Rapturous (Quantum Series Book 4) - M.S. Force

Gah! What a letdown! I loved Flynn and Natalie's story and had an easy connection to the characters, but take it outside of that trilogy into the supporting characters and it starts to become a hot mess.

Hayden is a complete jerk. We knew this going into the book, but he takes it to new heights in this book. He has to control every aspect of his life because of his parent's marriage implosion, and because of this he keeps pushing Addie away, then he decides he can't live without her and sucks her back in. This is most of the book, and what makes it more annoying is that Addie takes all of it!

I was so disappointed in Addie. Aside from allowing Hayden to get away with his behavior, she thinks that one visit to a BDSM club and an afternoon's worth of research into the subject is all she has to know before she's agreeing to be an exclusive sub with Hayden. Uh, NO! I like to think that different Doms could teach her different things, and she could explore her sexuality more, but that didn't happen here. It was a missed opportunity to make the book much better.

There wasn't much romance in this book. Yes, the characters knew they loved each other, but with how much of a jerk Hayden was, there was plenty of opportunities for a tender, romantic side to grow in their overall relationship. That was yet another missed opportunity and it turned the book into one that was just all about the sex and not a relationship.

After all this, I don't think I'm interested in continuing the series. I can think of other BDSM series that are much better than this.