Love Finds You in Humble, Texas (Love Finds You Series)

Love Finds You in Humble, Texas - Anita Higman

This is yet another of my Love Finds You re-reads and when I read it the first time, I thought it was sweet and cute. However, when I read it this time around, I found it to be a very annoying read!

The story centers around Trudie and Lane Abernathy, and the relationship they have with Mason. Lane had dated Mason briefly, but because she felt uncomfortable with taking a professional relationship to an intimate one, she broke it off, then set him up with her sister Trudie. Once she sees how Mason treats Trudie, Lane suddenly wants him back and manipulates Trudie into giving him up for her. This goes on for most of the book, but Lane feels increasingly guilty and heartsick over this.

Trudie was a pushover, not standing up for herself at all. I found it very hard to respect her as a heroine and really had a hard time connecting to her.

Mason was much better, he knew he wanted Trudie, but was trying to find a way to tell Lane how he felt. That being said, he still bowed to his father's dying wish for a time and tried to take over his business upon his death, even though Mason knew it wasn't his calling. He wasn't very proactive about exploring his other options before taking over the business, and it seemed out of character for a financial planner.

All in all, I'd say it was worth reading once if you enjoy Christian romance, but also very skippable. I'll be deleting it from my Kindle Library...