Celebromancy (Ree Reyes #2)

Celebromancy - Michael R. Underwood

After somewhat enjoying Geekomancy, I had hoped we'd get a continuation of that story line a bit, but instead what we got was something that felt like a step backwards.

I couldn’t get into the story, and it didn’t feel like Ree had really grown since the first book. She's still trying to figure out where she stands with Eastwood and Drake both, then she adds in another "romantic" interest in Jane, which felt like it pandering to the 20-something horny male segment of readers. She kept acting like a Too Stupid To Live/Damsel in Distress type when it was clear in the previous book that she was a much smarter and tougher cookie than that.

There was a lot of pop culture references in this one again, and perhaps it was too much so. It seemed like there was a reference to something already produced like every third paragraph! Just felt like fan service more so than an actual necessary plot item. What felt like an homage in the first book felt very forced and fake in this one. Sadly, after my somewhat lackluster review of the first story, I won't be continuing the series.