Heat Wave (Nikki Heat #1)

Heat Wave - Richard Castle

This is one of those books where you hope for the best but expect the worst, and what we got was a bit of both. It was a mish-mash of parts of the episodes from Season 1 of the TV show Castle, that this book spun out of. It was a good read, but very distracting as well, because of how much of it I spent trying to remember which part came from which episode. The characters were pretty true to their Castle counterparts, but I think having Heat and Rook hook up this early was a mistake. Half the charm of the show Castle was that Richard Castle had to chase Beckett so much, and having Heat fall to Rook's charms so quick just felt cheap. I think I would have enjoyed it more, had I not seen the show beforehand, but it was still a quick and entertaining read regardless!