Third Chance (Emma's Arabian Nights #3)

Third Chance (Emma's Arabian Nights, #3) - Ann Mayburn, Julie Naughton

It had been at least a year since I read the previous books in the series, so when I picked this one up, I was actually quite confused with what was happening.  For a serial book that you have to wait months between books, this was not a good thing.  

I hated how Emma had a complete and total personality shift after Ryan's injury.  She went from strong Domme to mouse!  She also really didn't use her head much in the book, as if her fear was all she could focus on, instead of being somewhat logical in the face of that fear and figuring out a way to get her stalker!

I liked how supportive Ryan was, even injured, but it wasn't enough to save the story.  I'll read the last book because I own it and it's short, but I doubt I'll seek out the spin-off series or continue reading the author.