Always Yesterday (Sierra Weddings #1, Cooper Family Trilogy #1)

Always Yesterday - Jeri Odell
This one really had me thinking about some spiritual topics! It was a very interesting story with a unique plot device to get the couple together. I had trouble believing some portions of the plot and the climax was a bit of a let down, but on the whole, this is one I would read again!

Delanie was a strong heroine both in her manner and her faith. I enjoyed seeing her give back to the community, and her desire to prove herself to Eli, even though he was determined to resent her. Instead, her determination to succeed forced him to change!

Eli was very prickly, due to the hurts he had sustained in life. I thought this made him more realistic of a hero, especially when considering his motivations to help the kids in his neighborhood.

This was a solid read, one I highly recommend if you enjoy Christian romance!