Warcraft Official Movie Novelization

Warcraft Official Movie Novelization - Christie Golden

It took me a while to get this book going, but when it did, I kept having to pull myself out of World of Warcraft to read it, it inspired me to play the game that much!

There's a lot of the lore that we already know from the game woven into it, but it also picks up where Warcraft: Durotan leaves off. I found a few surprises waiting for me between these pages! Sadly, I can't say much, because it would spoil the book/movie for folks, but I can say that the characterization was very well done, and I found myself connecting with a number of the characters. I was even in tears at the end of the book, especially with the events of the Legion pre-expansion! All things considered, it was a highly enjoyable read, and it has me looking forward to both watching the movie it is based on, and playing World of Warcraft!