Six of Hearts (Hearts #1)

Six of Hearts - L.H. Cosway

I wasn't that impressed with this book.  The blurb makes it seem like this would be more of a circus themed book, but what we got was an elaborate revenge plot that was built off of illusions and deception.  

Jay feels slightly stalkerish in the beginning, then he just becomes manipulative of Matilda, seeming to me to force her into situations she may not want to do.  He even goes so far as to manipulate her father into taking his court case, without telling him all the pertinent facts up front.

Matilda is such a mouse of a heroine! She goes along with the "manipulation", but she also doesn't stand up for herself!  So much just went over her head and even I could see there was something too convenient about things!  Granted, she eventually follows her dreams, but she allows Jay's deceptions to stand, all because he begs her to "wait and see the bigger picture".  She came off as weak and stupid, rather than brave.

There are some interesting secondary characters, but I felt early on that Jessie was trouble, and didn't care for how her actions could be harmful to herself.  I was surprised by what she was actually doing, but felt it could have been handled differently.  

I didn't like that the prologue really didn't fit the most of the book, other than a few casual mentions, until the last few chapters. I dislike dropping a mystery on a reader like this, as I prefer it woven throughout the entire story, not started at the beginning, ignored for the first half, then dropped into the middle and sprinting to the end of the book with it. Makes the mystery rushed, in my opinion, and that was certainly the case here.  

I don't think I'll continue the series, or continue to read the author's works.