When We Kiss (Ribbon Ridge #5)

When We Kiss: Ribbon Ridge Book Five - Darcy Burke

This book was the last of the Archer sextuplets romances, though there is one more Archer child romance in the series. Since it was Liam's book and it was his identical twin that committed suicide to set the romantic series going, I was expecting a heart-wrenching read, but I got a lot more than that!

Liam had barely grieved for his twin's death, and avoided his family out of extreme guilt. He was a very difficult hero! He wouldn't talk with his family at all, preferring to be alone and a bit of a daredevil in running away when things got too uncomfortable. This led to him having a bit of a playboy attitude when it came to women.

Aubrey was very different from the women he had dated previously. She was a woman I could connect with, who wanted a simple life and a good marriage. She was perfect to get Liam to see what his life choices could cost him.

This book made me cry, cheer and think about the people I would leave behind should I die unexpectedly. If the series had ended with this book I would have been satisfied, but as it doesn't, I know I have more emotional reading in store!