The Virgin Sex Queen

The Virgin Sex Queen - Angela Verdenius

I picked this book up because I needed a title that started with the letter V for a challenge, and imagine my surprise when it tied directly to Cop's Passion, a book I had really enjoyed by this author! I hoped for a great read when I sat down with it, and I got exactly that!

Sophie was very easy to connect with, as she was a lot like any plus sized woman out there: full of self doubt and a lack of confidence. I really liked how she gave herself pep talks to bolster her confidence, as I could see myself doing it too!

Alan was great as a hero, because he wouldn't tolerate Sophie talking down about herself. He challenged her, and accepted her as is, save for one part, which allowed her to be truthful about herself finally.

Their romance was a bit of a whirlwind one, but it wasn't totally unbelievable. I loved the cameo's of Mike from Cop's Passion and kept wondering about the other couples mentioned in this book, if they had been part of that series as well, as I couldn't remember. This was a funny and engaging read and one I'm glad I picked up!